The Wisma

For the first week, we stayed at a hostel named the Wisma.

The Wisma was Blessing #2.

Just a few days before leaving, the team leaders had received word that we didn’t have a place to stay for the first week. After much prayer and scrambling, reluctantly the team was booked for the Wisma with no information besides a couple pictures. We didn’t know what to expect.

At the Wisma, we were divided into five rooms, the girls two to a room and the three guys shared one. Inside, we had a full-size bed, a table, a bathroom with a toilet (YAY) and showerhead, and, most amazingly, an air-conditioning unit. The rooms were tidy and clean, thanks to a lady who had helped coordinated all the ministry sites. She came over with her househelp and scrubbed the rooms down for us.

For Washingtonians and Oregoners, the A/C was a lifesaver, with the shift from overcast skies to 90+ degree weather. In fact, the A/C in my room was really cranking hard. Joanna, my roommate, and I actually started to get cold in the middle of the night! Our A/C was able to get the temperature in our room down to 66 degrees Fahrenheit during the night, so we had to use extra sheets and even ask for a blanket. The air-conditioning was completely unexpected and benefited us so much.

During our ministry at the school, we spent the morning there, left for a few hours, and returned again at night. In those few hours for break, we were able to shower, rest, and have team time in the Word. It was an amazing blessing to have the Wisma during that time. Because we were split into separate rooms, each with their own bathroom, there was no huge wait for the shower. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could shower morning, noon, and night because it was so readily available. The A/C helped us adjust to the heat conditions, and allowed us to get more adequate rest when the opportunity came. Our team time was especially valuable. We all came into one room and spent time talking, sharing, reading the Word for Bible study, eating tons of Redvines, and enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes, we got creative and began writing songs about team members. All in all, the Wisma became a great place to rejuvinate and refresh after a busy morning at the school and to prepare ourselves for whatever may come our way at night.

Such wonderful proof that every aspect of our trip was in God’s hands. ImageImageImageImage


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