Very VERY (did I say “very”?) spicy chicken

I’m sure a few of you are curious as to what sort of foods we ate over in Indonesialand.

Simply put, most foods we ate were similar to what we eat in the States, just prepared a little differently as they have different modes of cooking. Kitchens are for the wealthy, so most cook outside over an open flame.

When meals weren’t prepared for us, we ate out, usually at shopping centers (because their health guidelines are a little stricter. The last thing we needed was someone with an upset stomach).  The first day, we had a little time to recoop and rest. We were in the process of exchanging money, which was lengthier than expected, and afterwards we decided to go eat.

As the meal options were described to us, a majority of the team was intrigued by a dish called “Sate Ayam” (Ayam means chicken in Indonesian). The way it was described to us was skewered grilled chicken in sauce, sort of like an all-meat shish kebab.

Sounds yummy.

And this being our first real meal after lovely airline food, it sounded all the more delicious.

We waited…

…and waited…

and soon enough, several plates of sate ayam came our way.  We were really excited for our first traditional Indonesian food tasting.

The food looked just as described. Skewered grilled chicken in a plate of peanut sauce and something else that looked soy-saucyish.

We proceeded to taste.

The verdict: It was EXTREMELY tasty. The blend of flavoring spices used is very unique and wonderful. The flavor was exquisite.

After a few seconds though, our taste buds started to tingle. The sate was also VERY VERY spicy. There was a chile used in one of the sauces, and that certain chile gets hotter the more it is cooked.

Soon enough, we were ordering extra bottles of water because we were running out of  the supply we’d brought.

I loved the dish. I loved the flavor and it was extremely tasty, but I, for one, after about 5 sticks could not handle the spice. Thankfully we had a couple fellow team members who happened to enjoy extremely spicy food.
They ended up eating a LOT of chicken that day. 🙂 They even found a packet of hot sauce and added it to their chicken.

Everyone else enjoyed it as well, but we were sweating so much and our expressions probably weren’t that all that charming as we ate. It was quite funny, and we were constantly telling the servers who were closely observing, “Yes, it’s very good, although we probably don’t look like we like it.”

We offered some to our guide and driver, Pak Willy, who had accompanied us. Even he said that it was hotter than any sate he’d had before.

Phew, it wasn’t just us.

It was a great first meal. Just a little bit unexpected.

Oh so yummy. Oh so spicy


One thought on “Very VERY (did I say “very”?) spicy chicken

  1. HaiDang Tran says:

    “A couple fellow team members…”

    AKA HaiDang and Josh 😀

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