“That wasn’t lunch?”

After a full morning of constantly interacting with kids and singing songs and playing lots of Quack-diddly-oso, by around noon time we were somewhat hungry. One day, we were all done with our morning program and were waiting for either lunch or time to teach the teachers English, whichever one worked better for them. We were cooling off in one of the few air-conditioned rooms, and in came a tray full of bowls of noodles (Mie in Indonesian).

It was extremely tasty, and the portion size was just right for a midday meal. It was probably one of my favorite dishes of the trip.

We all cleaned our bowls and then we proceeded to start teaching English to the teachers. Mostly we were helping them with pronunciation (more on that to come). Midway through our teaching time, Ashley asked me to accompany her to the restroom.

On our way back, we ran into Ken, who had just come back from an errand.

“How were those noodles?”

“You didn’t have any?”

“No, I was out while you were eating”

“It was pretty good. I liked it.”

“Yeah. Bet you didn’t know that was your snack.”

“You serious?”

“Uh-huh. Lunch is on it’s way.”

Well guess who we’re sitting next to during lunch.

It was then we discovered that in Indonesia, food does not constitute a meal unless there is rice. Otherwise, it is merely a snack. At fast-food places, like A&W or KFC, most meals come with rice in addition to or in place of french fries. While eating breakfast during our second week, a rice cooker sat in the corner.

And, soon enough, we finished teaching English, walked outside and saw a table set up with our lunch for the day.

We were fed very well that day, that’s for sure. I don’t think anyone was hungry for the next day. 🙂


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