Here kitty kitty

I made a lot of decisions on this trip. One of which is this:

I really don’t like cats.

Here’s why:

There are tons of stray cats and dogs all around Indonesialand. Adorable, yes. Healthy, no. At the Wisma, there were a few “regulars” who liked to take a rest there too.

One day, I’m rushing to get out to the van. I usually was the one who kept the key for the room, so I was the last one out. Just as I was walking out the door, I suddenly realized I’d forgotten something. I left the door open just a crack. After all, the bed is only seven steps or so from the door.

I picked up what I needed in no time at all. Apparently that “no time at all” was enough time for a cat to squeeze its way in.

Bad kitty.

I’m really bad with animals. I don’t understand them, they don’t understand me, so I enlisted Lindsey’s help to get the cat out. She called it out, the cat pranced right out, and I shut the door immediately.

Phew. That’s over.

It wasn’t.

We came back that afternoon. The room looked normal. Joanna and I were getting ready to freshen up. I opened the door to the bathroom and found tons and tons of flies/fleas/BUGS scattered all over the four walls. They weren’t buzzing around, just….sitting there on the walls nonchalantly.

Apparently, the cat that had gotten in was infested with some flea problem. Although the cat didn’t make it far in, maybe a few feet, the fleas did, and they rushed into the bathroom with the much warmer, moister air.

They probably multiplied and made flea babies while were out.

Okay it’s just a few flies on the wall, no biggie. That’s it right?

It wasn’t.

I lifted the toilet lid, and inside were tons and tons of flies/fleas/bugs inside the bowl. Probably 30 or so. They weren’t big, but it was still really disgusting.

FLUSH. (add in a couple more for good measure)

They cleared out a few hours later, thankfully. I was also thankful for Joanna being there, since she wasn’t terribly grossed out by them, she kept me sane.


So now, I am officially not a fan of cats. For the remainder of the trip, I freaked whenever I saw one come near my room. I freaked inwardly whenever I saw one in general. Even now at home, even though cats are domesticated and inoculated and squeaky clean, I freak out whenever I see one, that it’s going to infest my bathroom with flies.

Sorry cat lovers, no feline friends for me.



One thought on “Here kitty kitty

  1. Hannah Lee says:

    I freak out, too, whenever I see cats, dogs and any animals actually, even I’m grown up. If I found a cat and so many bugs in my room, I fainted after a loud but short scream!!!

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