True prayer warriors

I’m guilty of underestimating prayer so much.

This fact was proven even more so through this trip.

I’ve never seen the power of prayer more active than in Indonesia.

It’s not just another thing for them; their lives depend on it. At the orphanage, the church that is supposed to support them doesn’t do a thing. They make do with what they have when things break, and when they don’t have what they need, they pray.

And the coolest thing is watching God provide.

A few days before the trip, Ken and Linda had gotten word from our contact that the orphanage we had planned to go to was unable to take us. Something having to do with the summer holiday, it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but nevertheless we couldn’t go there. Now we had a week with nothing planned.

At the same time, Ibu Mini who runs Abigail, was praying for something special for her kids this summer. She was wondering “How in the world am I going to do this? I have no funds,” but she prayed fervently and trusted God that He would provide an opportunity for her kids. Very soon later, she was asked if she wanted to receive a team from America.

Our team itself was an answer to her prayer.

The next question, though, was “How are we going to provide for our guests?” The only food she had on stock for us at that point was just rice. Once again, she and the rest of the kids went to prayer. Over the course of time between accepting our team and our arrival, several carts showed up with food asking if she wanted it…for free. Abundant supplies of meat, husks of corn, vegetables, delicious giant kiwis, apples, bottles of Sprite and Fanta, even little rolls of Ritz crackers.

Material was also provided for them to embroider towels for us and to give us refillable waterbottles.


More stories like this were told to us throughout our time at the orphanage. One day after the work project, we all came in for a snack. On one end of the table was stacks and stacks of chocolate milk cartons. Apparently, for three years, the dairy farm has been overproducing milk in ridiculous quantities. They tell the orphanage “Hey, we can’t get our cows to stop producing all this milk. Do you want it?” For three years, they’ve had a full supply of milk for the kids.

Ibu Mini shared her testimony on the last day. She told us of a time when she had no food, no money, and was desperately hungry and cried out to God “Help me!” Right then and there, a bird flew overhead and dropped a fish at her feet.


The kids prayed that they would be able to receive the funds to go to school this upcoming year. Because our team overfundraised, we were able to give monetary gifts to both places we worked at. We presented Ibu Mini with the gift for the orphanage; she was ecstatic that the kids’ prayers were answered. They’re able to go to school now.

We were able to see God’s provisions right in front of our eyes.  One time, a team member needed a personal item. It wasn’t just any item though, which makes the story so much cooler. She needed….wait for it…. feminine products. Yeah, see what I mean?  We didn’t know how we were going to carve time out of the schedule to get to the store, especially since we didn’t have a vehicle on hand and policy required us to take a certain amount of people. We get to the orphanage and mention to Ibu Mini that we needed to get to the store. She asked us what we needed, we told her, and she’s like “Well, you don’t need to go to the store. Last night after you left, a guy came by with a whole truckload of what you need” (P.s. for team members reading, this story was shared with permission)

Yes, a whole truckload. Of exactly what we needed. And it’s not like what we needed was very common either like soap or something like that.

For the orphanage, prayer is not just a tool, it is their PRIMARY tool.  Sometimes, it is their only tool. Our team was able to see the value to prayer in a tangible way. It was pretty cool to see how God provided for their needs in so many ways, and how their faith is rewarded.


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