It’s the 4th of July, how ’bout some Thanksgiving?

Late one night, the girls are in our room throwing thoughts around about the upcoming Fourth of July.

Problem: it’s basically impossible to celebrate the 4th of July in Indonesia because of the 14 hour time difference.

When it was the 4th in Indo, it was the 3rd back home, so that felt weird. But once it was the 4th in America, it was the 5th in Indo, so that felt weird too. Yeah, we could have planned it so that it felt in the window of time where the date is the same, but there was no excess energy for that.

Then the thought popped out, “You know what sounds really good right now?”


“Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey and stuffing just sounds perfect!”

I’m pretty sure everybody’s mouths salivated right about then.

And then we chuckled and let the dream drift away into the dark recesses of our mind.

After we left the orphanage, we piled our stuff on the bus again. This time, we were going to stay at Pak Phillip and Ibu Mega’s home; they had been our contact in Indo and coordinated our ministry sites. They lived in the heart of Jakarta, so once again we had to deal with Jakarta traffic.

Three hours.

We passed the time by singing worship songs and sleeping, but it was around 9:00 PM by the time we arrived and unloaded the bus.

We get in the door and Ibu Mega is happily there to greet us.

First question, “Are you hungry?”


“Okay good. For your dinner tonight, we wanted to give you an All-American meal for a little taste of home.”

Well, All-American can really be anything. Pizza? Burgers? Fried chicken?

While the househelp was bringing out the food, the team settled down in the foyer and waited. Then all of a sudden, one person caught a glimpse of what our dinner was.

“You’ll never believe it! We’re having Thanksgiving dinner! Turkey and stuffing!”

“WHAAAAT!!?!?!?!? You’ve GOT to be kidding.”

We all had the jitters. SO COOL.

Ibu Mega had no idea that we had been talking about having Thanksgiving dinner only a few days earlier.

And there it was on the table, hot and steamy and oh so perfect!

Thanks, God. 🙂

Ready to eat


Cutting the bird (sorry for the blurriness)

Lindsey’s still so in shock and SO happy. 🙂


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